Amphitheater County Park
4499 State Road 43 North
Length: 3.5 miles
Type: Mostly out and back with alternative path in the middle and a turn around loop at the end.
Skill Level:  Easy
Aerobic Level:  Easy (depending on route) except for the climbs to either exit.
Trail Steward: Tom Albitz
This is the easiest trail in the Lafayette area. It is a fun ride for beginners because there are no technically difficult sections, and it is a fun trail for good riders as it can be very fast. The trail flows very well and there are very few choke points where speed must be controlled to negotiate tight areas. The trail is essentially an out and back with a lollipop turnaround.

There is one section in the middle where the trail splits. The split occurs as the trail goes through a small foundation. A short distance later the trails join back up and continues to the turn around loop. If you go left just before the foundation and then almost immediately go right, the trail will have more elevation change before joining back up. Better riders prefer this left branch while beginners prefer the easier right branch. On the way back there are two places along Burnett's Creek where a left turn will return you on the easier trail.

The trail does not end at the same place it starts, but instead comes out across the parking lot from the trailhead. Riders can return to the starting point using the trail by going left (downhill) at the foundation and then almost immediately right.

First time riders will find it easiest to follow by going right at all all three junctions. Most good riders prefer to go left at the foundation on the way out onto the upper section and on the way back go left at the same point to return to the trailhead by the longer route.
Directions to trail: Located on the east side of State Highway 43 just over 4 miles north of Lafayette. It is 4.5 miles  north of State Street in West Lafayette or 1.5 miles south of I-65 exit 78. Trailhead is at southwest end of parking lot. 
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