The bike trail is on private land but open to the public. Not open to foot traffic.
The home is a private residence and not a public building.
920 E State Street, Lafayette
Length: 5.75 miles in two sections - State Street and Valley Street
Type: Out and back with .13 miles between sections
Skill Level: Intermediate with several Advanced loops
Aerobic Level: Moderate
Trail Steward: Bob Haan
This is a public trail on private land near downtown Lafayette. The owners are avid mountain bikers and welcome all riders at no charge, but a liability form is required. This trail is not for beginners, but parts of the Valley Street section can be ridden by less skilled riders. The trail was designed by Bob Haan so he and his wife could learn the mountain biking techniques needed to ride trails around the country. While there are lots of technical sections, overall the trail flows well and can be ridden with speed.
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Road map to Haan Trails
Whoop-de-dos distinguish this trail from others in the area, and the two largest, named The Plunge and Plunge II, are 45 degree drops with an elevation change of 20 feet. With the many benched sections, whoop-de-dos, and narrow tread, good bike control is essential.
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This trail can be ridden as an intermediate trail by avoiding the advanced loops marked with red arrows. The intermediate sections have benched areas, rocks, bridges, ramps, whoop-de-dos, and other features. The advanced areas have much more extreme whoop-de-dos, drops, steep uphills, rocks, and a rock ledge. Proximity to the Murdock Park trail allows riders to ride both trails without driving.
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