McCormick Woods Multi-Use Trail 
Length: 3.5 miles in two loops - Outer Loop and Inner Loop
Type: two nested loops
Skill Level: Easy with a few intermediate sections
Aerobic Level: Easy with a few short climbs.
Trail Steward: John Stewart 
This is another trail where less experienced riders can increase their skills. Corners are tighter than on the other trails in the area and negotiating between trees is required. The inner loop has several log piles to ride over that can be intimidating to beginners. On a couple the large chainring will hit the top log (depending on frame and wheel size). There are a few short downhills and associated uphills that challenge beginners.
Trail map
Road map to trail 
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McCormick Woods
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For the most part the trail is flat, but it has enough elevation changes and whoop-de-dos to make it fun to ride. The trail designers have made good use of the gullies that run through the woods. The trail is usually ridden counterclockwise with the outer looprridden first and then the inner loop. Each year, collegiate races are held on this trail. The trail dries slowly after a rain and is the last to open in the spring.
The trail is in the south east corner of the intersection of McCormick Road and Cherry Lane next to one of the Purdue golf courses. From the corner of McCormick Road and Cherry Lane, proceed east on Cherry Lane and the trailhead is on the right. From Northwestern Ave, proceed west on Cherry Lane past the Purdue golf courses and the trailhead in on the left. Most riders park on the north side of the road where the ditch is wider.
Purdue University property
Cherry Lane east of Mccormick Rd - south side
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