Hoffman Nature Area
Murdock Park - City of Lafayette
Cason Street between 18th St and  26th St 
Length: 3 miles
Type: Loop trail
Skill Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Aerobic Level: Difficult
Trail Stewards: Jason Pruitt, Mike Tharp
This trail was designed and is maintained by expert riders.  It is a favorite of riders seeking a challenging ride. There are lots of climbs and several large logs to cross. If you can't bunny hop logs, expect to bash your way over them or lift your bike over them. There are a couple of longer steep climbs that test your power and endurance, and two switchbacks that are tight with steep climbs out. There are some benched areas.
One of the things that distinguishes this trail from other trails in the area is the lack of bypasses around the technical sections. Another is the inclusion of several large logs and tight uphill switchbacks, and the third is the amount of steep climbing involved in riding the trail. The trail flows well and is a blast to ride for those with the skill. It is definitely not for beginners, and intermediate riders will enjoy it if they don't expect to ride it clean and are willing to walk in a few places.
There is no defined trailhead. Park at the west end of the lower school parking lot and ride in on the paved trail until you see a dirt path on the right. Most ride the trail counterclockwise. After riding the trail some, you will find other access points.
Proximity to the Haan Trail allows riders to ride both trails without driving.
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Amphitheater Trail
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Murdock Park Trail
Haan Trail
Murdock Park Multi-Use Trail
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