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Included in the above map is West Lafayette's extensive off road paved trail system for walkers, runners, and bikers. One segment runs from the Purdue Campus, past the Celery Bog and Walmart, and connects to the Northwest Greenway. The Northwest Greenway has several branches. Visit the West Lafayette Parks Department web site web using the link below. The trail map link can be found under Related Pages in the upper right corner.
West Lafayette Parks Dept Trails Information
There are two city parks that feature paved trails. The larger of the two is Munger Park. It has a longer paved path, but there are significant hills where small children would have problems. Armstrong Park, the smaller one, has a path that goes completely around the pond in the park. It is on S. 9th Street and a sidewalk connects the park to the rails to trails path (Linear Parks Trail on Armstrong map) that runs from Beck Lane to S.18th Street with the only street crossing at S. 9th Street. See the Parks Dept link for other trail information.
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Lafayette City Trails
Armstrong Park is at the south west corner of Beck Lane and S. 9th Street. Parking is off Beck Lane.
There is an entrance to Munger Park on the south side of Greenbush St.  just over  1/4 mi. east of Sagamore Parkway (US 52). Another entrance is on the north side of Union St about 1/4 mi. east of Sagamore Parkway. The Union St entrance has a playground.
Map of Paved Trails
This map shows the paved trail system in the county including the Cattail Trail and Northwest Greenway in West Lafayette and the entire Wabash Heritage Trail. The Wabash Heritage Trail runs around the downtown areas and for several miles along the Wabash River, but only the paved sections are open to bikes. Bikes are not allowed on the dirt sections of the trail.
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Lafayette Parks Dept Trails Information

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